Enjoyable bars and clubs

Beer is expensive, and costs can range from 30,- kr to 70,- kr. Continue reading

Cafés worth(?) the norwegian prices

Surprisingly, Oslo is known as one of the European cities with the most cafés! Not much else to do, really. We don’t encourge budget students to spend too much time in cafés as they are expensive, but if you’d like to have a coffee in town be sure to choose a nice spot. Here are our faveourites places Continue reading

Buying food, and Grønland’s best

In Norway food can be overpriced. Knowing where to buy the cheapest groceries is one of the best ways to save money. Continue reading

Essential activity #1

Can you imagine where you would meet the most famous norwegian people all in one place? Continue reading

For bookworms

Every students needs books, and a budget student needs budget bookstores.   Continue reading

Vintage and second-hand clothes

Where to find clothes that benefit your budget and the enviroment.



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The first "how-to guide" on being a budget student living in Oslo. It's run by Lumi & Felix, and based on our norwegian experience. Any feedback or question? Shoot us an e-mail at: budgetoslo@gmail.com. Enjoy your savings!