Enjoyable bars and clubs

Beer is expensive, and costs can range from 30,- kr to 70,- kr. This post deals with reasonable watering holes. But from 30-70 kr, that’s a whole 40 kr difference pr. beer! Where is beer cheap? Studentbars can get you a beer for 30 kr. Try these: 

SV kjelleren at Blindern U1
Samfunnet at Bislett
Breakfast basement close to the National Theatre

Other “reasonable” places selling alcohol will typically charge 40-60 kr for a beer. Many of these are were most students go anyway. Everybody likes different places, but here’s a list of some places to try.

Café Tekehtopa and Bar Babylon

Beer (0,5l) 52,- /Glass of wine 55,-

Cafe, restaurant and bar. Slightly dark, but with a warm and nice atmosphere. Has a great backyard.

Especially popular in summertime.

St. Olavs plass 2  0165 Oslo

Cafe Mono

Plays some jazz and rock and electro, with debates and lectures and a nice backyard.

Pløens gate 4


50’s style place, in the middle of Grunerløkka serving American style food and drinks. Open til 03.30

Thorvald Meyers gate 59

Oslo mekaniske verksted

Terrace outside, and plenty of tables inside. Only serve drinks but you’re welcome to bring your own food.

Tøyenbekken 34


Beer (0,5l) 52,-

Concert and club venue. Style is mainly jazz/electronica/hip-hop/world. Every sunday the Frank Znort Quartet play for a full Blå. Great location, open til 3 o clock. Good place to dance. http://www.blaaoslo.no/kalender/

Brenneriveien 9c

Herr Nilsen

Beer (0,5l) 48,-

Real jazz bar, live music.

C. J. Hambros plass 5


Old school rock n’ roll in the city centre.

Kirkegt. 34


Plays quite a bit of metal, more hardcore.

Øvre Slottsgate 10  0157 Oslo

Café Kaos

Beer (0,40l) 51,-

DjS play funk, rock, old school hip hop.

Thorvald Meyers gate 56

The Villa

Amazing club with great music. VERY popular.

Møllergata 23

That’s it! If you can think of a bar that should be here, feel free to post a comment, and we’ll include it if it fits. BTW, to order a beer you say: EN ØL – but you probably already knew that. Enjoy you drinks!

2 responses to “Enjoyable bars and clubs

  1. nunomdpc

    Hei, all these bars are free entrance? What is the close time of the most?

    • Hei hei!

      It really depends. Blå, Villa and Mono usually have a cover charge after 22:00-23:00. Herr Nilsen is a jazz joint, so there might be a concert on, but that’s kind of the point of going there! Most places close at 03:00 on the weekends.

      Be sure to check out “www.underskog.no”. for specific arrangements in Norwegian, as we don’t really run this site anymore.

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