Cafés worth(?) the norwegian prices

Surprisingly, Oslo is known as one of the European cities with the most cafés! Not much else to do, really. We don’t encourge budget students to spend too much time in cafés as they are expensive, but if you’d like to have a coffee in town be sure to choose a nice spot. Here are our faveourites places

All of these are in the city centre, or very close.

Lunchbar Kaffetår – Møllergata 47

Hønselovisas hus – Sandaker veien 2

Bare Jazz – Grensen 8

Cafe Fedora – Frognerveien 22

Teddy’s Softbar – Brugata

Le Rustique – Majorstuveien 33B

Kaffefuglen -Universitetsgata 2

Månefisken – Sagveien 23 A

Oslo mekaniske verksted  – Tøyenbekken 34

Café Coco Chalet – Øvre Slottsgate 8

Laundromat – Underhaugsveien 2

Påfyll Sannergata 6A


Cafe Malabar Tøyengata 30

Cafe Bacchus  – Dronningsgate 27, 0154

Also, be sure to enjoy a cup at the wonderful arabic restuarant/café “Habibi” at least once in your stay. You´ll find it tucked in Storgata, the long and main road from Oslo City to Grunerløkka. Officially the adress is Storgata 1.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more food, drink, clothes, transport, activies and events!


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The first "how-to guide" on being a budget student living in Oslo. It's run by Lumi & Felix, and based on our norwegian experience. Any feedback or question? Shoot us an e-mail at: Enjoy your savings!

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