Buying food, and Grønland’s best

In Norway food can be overpriced. Knowing where to buy the cheapest groceries is one of the best ways to save money. The tabloid news paper VG, did a survey on all common grocery stores in Norway ranking them by price. It showed that the cheapest store on average is

#1 REMA 1000



AVOID buying food at: Joker and Centra, 7-Eleven and other kiosks. Meny and Ica are quite expensive, but have a wider selection than the cheapies.

Buying your fruits and vegetables at mid-eastern shops rather than the common grocery stores will save you a few kroners more. Especially if you buy them east of the city center. The neighbourhood “Grønland” is packed with stores of this kind, see map here. In addition to exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs they usually carry a wide selection of spices, huge sacks of rice, oils, cheese and cheap bread.

Bananas, f.ex, can be twice as cheap at a Grønland store as in REMA or a third of what they will charge at Joker. Heres what a 100 kr. will buy you in Grønland:

As opposed to the same amount in REMA:
Pretty big difference, huh?

Next to Grønland T-bane is one the most popular shops. It is located at Smalgangen (here). They have a wide selection and often good discounts (note that discounted fruit won’t always stay fresh for long). Be prepared to stand in a long queue. Open until late and Sundays.

Finally, if you are craving Asian noodles or other Asian specialities there plenty of stores located in the city center, close to “Brugata” bus and tram stop, see map here. Stores like Ica and Meny will typically carry some imported Asian foods, but at higher prices and a smaller selection. The Asian supermarkets have frozen meat, shrimp and fish, different soy sauce varieties, exotic candy and noodles in all shapes and sizes, as well as some carry fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. You will notice that the area has many Vietnamese and Thai restaurants as well, we’re fans of Hai Café (see article?). 

– happy budget shopping.

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